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Get started on computers

As a beginner, you would probably worry about how you are going to get started. Well, it’s quite simple since you are already on the internet the information is always readily available for you.

Basic information on computers

First of all, you need to be familiar with what is on the computer so that you are well equipped with information on how to operate it. So basically there are four main things that you should know about a computer. It consists of a central processing unit, input, output and memory.

 A computers central processing unit consisting of everything that one finds within the motherboard that is what is put into the computer and what is produced on the screen better known as software. The other components of a computer known as hardware are what you then plugin on the computer.  

What do we mean by software

Generally, these are the intangible parts of a computer. We have an operating system that consists of Linux, Windows, Google Android, and Macpro amongst many others. These are designed to manage a computer’s hardware. The software found within a computer is the software applications which include adobe reader, Google chrome and Microsoft windows media player among others.

Types of computers

There is a wide range of computers manufactured by various companies. However there three main types of computers that;

  1. Microcontroller

These are the smallest type of computers. Most of these are found within cars. Electronic gadgets are cell phones and other appliances.

  •  personal computers

Usually, people call this pc. This simply means this type of s computer is for personal use. Usually these small in size and their sizes vary and are also known as laptops.

  •  server computer

Generally, a server computer is a computer used to store information by other computers. It also provides data for other computers. Usually, the server provides data for other computers making use of a local network area or a wide network area. There are different types of servers and they all operate differently. Types of servers include mail serves, web servers and file servers.

Supercomputers are the biggest computers mainly used for bigger.